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firstly hi this is my first post just hoping someone can help.
first of all the car is a 1997 ford ka2 1.3 with a genuine 73000 miles its my wifes car now the problems are 1: the car cuts out at lights /it loses power completely (this used to happen at motoway speeds but is getting worse so it now happens anywhere from about 20mph up)the power goes for a couple of seconds then comes back and will be fine for a while and the tappets sound like they need doing but i cant remember how (it has been a good few years since i messed with a ford ohv )
hope someone can help thanks in advance
hi m8
on the tappets i would do a complete oil chage inc filters & the petrol filter
then plugs

refill with new oil & use a bottle of tappet additive with the new oil
it will clean the tappets & lubricate them properly &
they will become quieter.
the additive is about 5.00.

run the car for about 1k & if the tappets ar still pinking do it again as sometimes it takes a few k for them to settle
i had it happen with my galaxy & was told i needed a new tappet but done the oil bit
& never had a problem after.

you will need to run her quite a bit & it should be quiet
on the other problem your getting it maybe the petrol filter ?
thats located under the rear passengers side nr the suspension/petrol tank.
thanks for that delboy i am changing the fuel filter tomorrow and shopuld be able to do the rest later this week will let you know how it goes thanks again
replaced fuel filter today havent tested yet but the old one looked like original one and was a bit of a pig to get off
hi there, I also have a ka2 on the same year with 55k on the clock with the same problem, i've changed the sparks which didn't help. it was last serviced on 22k so i'll be giving it a full service over the weekend. i've been told there is an automatic choke valve behind the throttle which if cleaned or replaced depending on wear helps also, i'll be eager to find out what sorts your problem, keep us infomed :lol:

Changed the low tick over valve, changed oil, flushed fuel tank, changed the spark plugs and its now runnin like new, no more cutting out or juddering.

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