hi all,

ive got a bit of a headache thinking about my Mk4 escorts XR3i, both have big problems, 1 with mega electric problems and to someone who doesnt like electrics its a headache, BUT the engine in it is a cracker, prob one of the best standard XR3i engines ive driven! the second one has good electrics but slight engine probs but still runs, with a major water leak! BUT here is the main thing, i dont really have time for them, i could sell them as a pair to then make one really nice car with loads of spares, OR should i just sell them seperatly?? i just want them gone as i am really skint at min. Hard decision :( as i love them to bits but i can get one later on in life!!!

am really umming and arrrring about it so, let me know what you think i should do because i really dont have a clue!! <_<

bit of a pointless topic but, hey ho!

cheers B)