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Full Version: buying a ford escort td engine :S
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Hi, my old van is struggling since I put 17" wheels on it. I thought it would just slow the acceleration but improve top speed but it turns out that its just plain slow lmao. Its a 1.8 55d r reg and as you know they are slow at the best of times! so I'm thinking of maybe putting a 1.8 - 2ltr turbo lump in it to even things up a bit. Would it be a straight forward swap of engines e.g just take the old one out and put the turbo one in its place and reconnect all the hoses and everything back up? I'd probably have to change the gearbox for one from a turbo engine wouldnt I?

Lastly, how much would I get a used or recon one for and wheres a good place to buy from?

I sold my TD lump a while back for 150 with 44k on the clock.

You will need a new exhaust downpipe, and depending what age engine you get you will have to re-wire the fuel pump so you can get over the coded key, unless you have the original key etc for the engine.

I used the standard van box on my TD engine, and i managed to pull 117mph til the box was screaming. Remember its all about gear ratios
150, is that the usual price you would expect for an engine with that sort of mileage vinny? thats not a bad mileage, I'd be happy with something like that for 150!
what about recons mate, how much would one of them sell for 300+ maybe?
When i first bought it with 43K on it, it cost me 300.

Thats the usual price.
Sorry to hi-jack someone elses post, but, how easy is it to re-wire the pump & does this disable the immobiliser? Can you fit a turbo to the standard engine instead? My van has 143K & I'm not sure if it's worth spending a lot on.
Depends what way you want to do it, it also effects the starter, so i just fitted a seperate switch hardwired into the starter.

You can fit the turbo to the exsisting engine but its more hassle than its worth.

Plus at 143k i dont think you wanna start playing with the engine too much more

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