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Full Version: What Wrong with my car!!????
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I own a ST170 54 plate, havent had no problems what so ever within the 2 years i have owned her.

but recently my engine management light keeps coming on then going off after a day or 2. and this keeps happening, 2 days ago it came on then yesterday night it went off!

i dont understand its like it cant make up its mind, it drives perfectly starts first time no hesitation, no leaks or anything, i dont understand it lol

i dont really wanna pay out 90 quid for ford too just link my car too a computer and may or may not know what the problem is!

any help would be appreciated

someone here must have some idea!!

pleaasssseee this is drivin me nuts!!! lol
its most likely a sensor with an intermittant fault but without reading the codes when the light is illuminated its hard to say which one.
[quote name='mintalkin' post='34934' date='Jul 28 2009, 04:03 PM']its most likely a sensor with an intermittant fault but without reading the codes when the light is illuminated its hard to say witch one.[/quote]

just an idea (and im not a mechanic) but couldnt you do the dashboard trick and see what dtc code is being read? surely there linked in some way?
If you put the key in the ignition but dont turn it,hold the trip button down and while holding it turn the ignition key to position 2 you put the hybrid cluster in test mode.the gauges will do a compleat sweap.let go of the button and press it a few times till you get to the d t c codes. They will start with a p followed by numbers. Wright the down and send me a message and i will try to see if i can come up with some advise.
cheers for the advice people, but i have done the dashboard trick and it says "none" so the fault isnt being registered there, i tried the dashboard trick while the management light is on and off. but no luck what so ever. bit confusin relle!.......... and did i mention the bloody light is back on!!
That "dashboard trick" only retrieves cluster codes.
You need to get the codes retrieved from the pcm , if you ring round you'll find independents that can do it cheaper than the dealer , experience suggests an oxygen sensor/cat fault or maybe inlet manifold runner fault , but until you get a code it's all guess work
okay thanks mate!
[quote name='Braders' post='35129' date='Jul 29 2009, 02:59 PM']okay thanks mate![/quote]

i found out what is wrong with my car, its the pre cat lambda sensor.
i was wondering how much a new one of these would cost and whether i could just replace it instead of being charged loads at ford?


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