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Full Version: Midlands Noob
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Hi all,
My names Gavin, i think this is about the only owners club ive not signed up to :) although owning LOTS of fords :)

Anyway here's my list of fords that i own, starting from my first two fiesta's which are now in car heaven...

^^ Aged 17 and DUMB!

Then i was Given a Mk2 Mondeo 1.8 TD LX and started work on that, Eventually turning out this...

I did all of this myself at the age of 18, Loved it to bits, i did the spraying, built my own brake lines etc dont even want to think what it cost me! But it was my own and i loved it...

Then i grew up abit and eventually sold it after some ass knocked the front end off :(

Anyway, I got this for 100 with T&T so this was to become my daily driver:

a fair bit of cleaning work done.. including a full interior strip to get rid of the mushrooms growing through the seats :( Dirty!

Then it dropped a valve and drove me from Tenby to Telford at around 30mph (Long ass drive!) and when i got home i got news my nan had been in an accident and destroyed her vectra, So the white escort i had lined up would no longer be available.. Bummer! i then bought a punto which to say the least lasted me 2 weeks, cost me a clutch, and a broken arm when the wheel hub decided to snap off and sent me though an old solid fence!

Then i got news nan had a new car so i inherited the white 1.4 CVH :) Higher insurance but a better car all round it was almost concourse! i loved it...

Here it is having my exhaust system etc swapped over...

Dropped it 60mm all round, On 15" Peueot 406 Steel's painted white! (Looked the nutts imo!)

Went and got some flashy pics whilst it was all good and well...


then i sold it and bought myself an Audi A3 1.8T :) Fun.... but expensive and went wrong almost every errm, 10mins for the 2 weeks i owned it. so it went away, a whole host of other cars come my way including french/german etc etc and then i heard nan had another pristine escort, This time a 1998 Finesse, so i went n had a look and at the time she wanted a more economical car for work so a strait swap for my 2.2 Peugeot 406 HDI was on t he cards :) i took her arm off and said NO REFUNDS! lol

I've grown to love my finesse, it's been in 3 accidents since ive had it (none down to me!), 2 minor, 1 not so minor but it's pulled its way though all of the damage and now sits perfectly again.

AND... then this week i went and bought myself a H Reg Ford Escort Convertable (Mk4) Love it already!

I will get pics of my 2 latest escorts when i've got them togeather during the daylight.
Welcome to foc mate :)

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