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Full Version: Fitting a trip computer
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Hi, would like to fit a trip computer into my 1.8 TDCi but all the ones for sale on 'that site' come from petrol cars. The sofware in the unit must be set for the engine size and tank size, not these are not the same for petrol & diesel or am I wrong?

I did look for the cable that the air temp sensor runs to but could not see it, anyone know where in the front it would be?

I have bought a Scangauge II, it was/is very good but that has been sent back after it could not connect after running fine for 3 days. Another will be sent out soon I hope but the built in trip is still a nice option, anyone ever fitted one ?
Well bought one along with the surround and info switch temp sensor, fitted it just to show air temp but....

I will only show air temp as is when you turn ign on, there after it will only show lower temps and never if the temp goes higher. Only after 60 mins of the ign being turned off will the unit re read the current air temp.

I have tested another computer, same.

My friend who has one fully fitted from new, says it will move up a long journey but not anound the houses as can be seen if you go to the test screen and look at instantanious temp where it moves quickly up and down and don't match the std temp screen.....

Any suggestions, I can only think it needs speed input to know you are driving it??


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