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Full Version: Ford telling me 2 different things
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tdci stevie
Right have been to 2 different ford garages - Dagenham Motors and SMC, both have said different things about my AUX problem...
One said definatelely Crankshaft Pulley change that and Belt it will be sorted 171 + v.a.t
The other said its definately Tensinoer Pulley and belt 200 odd + plus v.a.t........?
Dont wanna change every thing.... Plus i aint made of money LOL .........?
Does anyone have any ideas/opions on this flip of the coin between the two companys opion....... the car has done 56,000 miles which isnt that high.....?
Any help much appreciated.... ;)
Is this the problem with it rattling, specialy on start up?

If so it's usually the tensioner that's usually at fault. Common problem
tdci stevie
Its more like Droning noise only when idling once you raise the revs to 950rpm-1000rpm the noise disappears......?
So when its just running at idle i get a droning noise and the revs dont sit steady 735rpm-765rpm etc. needle bounces up and down slighty when idling - goes in tune with the droning noise......?
Any help much appreciated.....
I would still put my money on the tensioner. They're prone to falling apart

If ford replace the wrong part then they would have to fork out for the correct one themselves. You may even find that there saying the same thing but it's just the receptionist on the phone that's mixed up

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