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Full Version: I think I have a lemon
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Last week my intercooler pipe broken so I had no power and black smoke. I went to my local dealer for the pipe but it needed to be ordered from Ford. I patched up the old pipe just so I could get to work. This worked fine. On the way to the dealer to collect my pipe it split again black smoke and no power I had to drive in 2nd and 3rd with my foot on the floor just to get the car home. I replaced the pipe and expected every thing to be fine but its not. The question is what can I check I have no black smoke the turbo is working the car will happly driver at motorway speeds its just taking a long time to get there. Hope someone can help. :(
Make sure the new pipe is tight and not leaking. The car may have put it's self into a 'limp home' mode after it split the second time. Did the engine managment light come on at any point?

Try disconnecting the battery for half and hour or so to reset the ECU. You will loose your radio code
Thanks for advise I didnt notice the light come on but that does not say it didnt. I have taken the pipe off and put it back on but its still the same. I have now taken the battrey off to see if that works. Thanks again. :)
:angry: I have just attached the battrey no joy. :angry:
Start your car again and let it idle for a few minutes to warm up. Then take it up 2
to the rev limiter and hold it for a couple of seconds before letting it idle again. Any black smoke?

If not take it a run and give it pleny of gas checking for black/blue smoke. If you can get a friend to follow you so they can tell you what they see.

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