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Full Version: My Ka Goes Chug...
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Hey guys,
I have a ford Ka Collection 00 REG, and now and again itll just start chugging like its about to break down, even if theres a full tank and all, any help on how to fix it?
ht leads failing or just 1 of them will do it.have the car running in the dark & look at the leads to see if there is any arching
if there is change the offending one or just change the lot
to eliminat that along with the plugs

check the plugs are clean & gapped properly or better
change them if in doubt of when they were last done

you may have a petrol blockage in the filter or 1 of the jets maybe blocked

has it only just started doing it & have you had the car long ??

give more detail of symptons & we maybe able to narrow it down for you
To answer your question, I bought it about 3/4 months ago, and first noticed it a few weeks after i bought it, but its just weird that it will run fine most of the time and other times it will just chug, so really been doing it since i bought it. I originally was thinking a blockage with the fuel but that surely would occur all of the time if it were the problem? Many thanks on all the help, Much appreciated =]
sounds like acoil pack fault quiet common on a lot of fords check plugs and leads 1st tho

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