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Full Version: Wet floor Focus
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I have had problem with the floor on my 04 focus Cmax (75,000 miles) getting absolutely soaked. This happened during the summer months and had nothing to do with rain etc. I have now solved it and thought I would post the remedy for others. The problem was a blocked drain tube that runs from the Air Con to the outside, because we have the air con on all the time a jelly like substance had blocked the tube and the water was building up and coming out of the fan blower casing. You can tell if you have the same problem because the floor will be absolutely soaked and normally if you have the air con on clear water should drip about a foot in from the off side front wheel if it doesn't then it is most likely blocked. The good news is it is really easy to fix. Kneeling down outside the car and looking in at the drivers side pull away the thin plastic panel that laps over the carpet in the foot well, on the C max there is a single central push stud that holds it in place. Just behind the panel at the same level as the driver pedals( possibly just covered by the top of the carpet) is a black rubber concertiner type tube about 5 inches long and half an inch wide. The bottom goes into the drive shaft tunnel and the top into a black platsic elbow. Pull the elbow out and the grommet style connection into the drive shaft tunnel They come out easily both being a push fit. Clean out the tube and fish out the crap where the elbow pushes in. Reassemble and Ah Voila! :lol:
This was obviously posted a long time ago but I think this is my issue, maybe someone can help? I've looked for said pipe but can't find it, what panel needs to be removed? I can't find a removable panel without taking out the whole section.

It could be anything from a bad seal on the windscreen, leak from under scuttle panel, heater matrix valve, or condensation from the pipe.


Your right though, you need to remove the whole centre console on our cars to get behind it.

I really do think this is my problem. My air con is a little noisy and I've used just the standard heater the last couple of days and no air con, and there has been no extra water in the footwells. It's been raining so it can't be a seal anywhere...

Took it to a garage and they pretty much said they can't help and don't touch leaks. Suggested I take it to a body shop. Wouldn't even humour me and check the air con drain.

I'll take another look over the weekend and see if I can find this pipe in the day light.

Im surprised a garage said they wouldnt touch it :|


Sounds probable though, did you make any progress on it?

I'll be honest and say I've not had another chance to take a look yet.

Saying that, I've not had the aircon on the last few days and the floor hasn't gotten any wetter. It's just damp at the moment and usually had a nice puddle in the back. We've had loads of rain so I'm convinced my air con drain is blocked.

Quick fix at the moment is to keep the air con off... though the thing turns itself on all the time!

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