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Full Version: Car won't start, fob not working. Possibly battery died
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hello fellow Ford owners

I accidentally left the lights on for a few days (without driving) and now the fob isn't working. I have to use the key to get into my car. When I tried to start the engine, nothing seems to come on, except the key turning sound.

so my question now is what should i do? Can i somehow recharge the battery? If not, should I replace it? I have breakdown assistance but it doesn't cover [i]breakdown[/i] within half a mile near home and the car is certainly less than 1/2 mile from home.

Thanks a lot!
Turn the ignition on and try 'bump' starting it. Take it a good 20min run when you get it going and the car will recharge itself.

It's not recommended you jump start fords as it can cause problems with other electrical components.

Failing that you can remove the battery and charge it without the need to replace it
If you put your keys in and turn, will the battery and other lights come on? or is your battery fully dead. if it is fully flat battery then i advise you charge your battery at least 15 hours, if not and you have some life in your battery then try jump starting it, i dont think it would do any damage.

after connecting the leads to both cars let one car run for 4mins and as your trying to start it make sure the other car is reving. this would be your best bet.

drive the car around for about 45mins so it charges the battery up again.
Its not advised to jumpstart any ford. It's rare but it can blow/fry modules in the ecu and other components
what about attaching jump lead from another car thats running and leaving it for about 15 mins then take the leads off and try starting it?

what type of fiesta is it new/old diesel/petrol?
As I've said twice already...


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