Hello everyone,

I've just signed up in the past week, then went away on holiday, so here's my first post.

I currently drive a '96 Mondeo LX, hatchback, 1.8 zetec. It's a nice car to drive, but I have a fault with it that i haven't been able to fix, and thats one of the reasons i've signed up here.

Everyone online calls me SMAndy, its a name that i've had for a while, and its stuck with some people into the real world as well as online. My previous car was a '93 mondeo TD, which was also a very nice car, until the moment it died on me. Cam belt snapped at 80mph, which thoroughly broke the engine.

So now i've owned a mk1 and a mk2 mondeo, and i've driven a mk3, which makes me quite tempted to get one as my next car, if i can get one for the right price, and with the right mileage.

Thanks for authorising me on this forum, i'll be around!