hi all, new member here, found this forum through google as i have a query regards ford which i will get to in a minute, i have an 09 fiesta titanium which i love and have had approx 8 weeks now.

i have a problem though and would appreciate some advice on where to post on this site regarding it.
i paid extra to get the USB fitted so i can use my ipod in the car the easiest way but since i have had the car it has never worked, i get a message after approx 1 minute of playing saying "error reading ipod" now i have been back to the dealer time and again and keep getting fobbed off it seems, the last time i asked to see the manager who told me it is a nationwide problem and the bluetooth module is having trouble "talking" to the USB and they are waiting for a firmware update from ford to solve the problem.

has anyone heard about this before or do you think i am being mugged off here?

thanks in advance.