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Full Version: 09 Focus Front/Rear Park Sensors drilling location required
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Please can anyone help

09 Focus Front/Rear Park Sensors drilling locations required or fitting guide.


[quote name='T9PMK' post='42496' date='Sep 9 2009, 11:14 PM']Please can anyone help

09 Focus Front/Rear Park Sensors drilling locations required or fitting guide.



Not sure about the focus mate but with my last car (astra sport hatch) the locations were on the inside of the bumper as little raised circle outlines. hope this helps?
@ Rickp, Thanks for your reply

I have taken a look as you suggest, but unfortunately the inside of the bumper is blank - no outlines.

Cheers for the thought.

I installed the electromagnetic parking aids front and rear on our Volvo S40, one of the advantages with this system [apart from being better at sensing different stuff than the ultrasonic type] is that you don't drill holes in your bumpers. In fact nobody knows you have parking aids on your car. [url=""]Parking Dynamics[/url]

I have now sold my S40 to a Ford Main Dealer, and they were not bothered if I left them on the car or not, as they preferred to sell their own service of fitting ultrasonic aids. So I whipped them out, but leaving the antenna in situ,as I could not be bothered to remove and replace the bumpers. As the company sell replacement antenna's for £9 odd +postage

So I emailed the company and asked them if they could supply me with the signal wire that connects the antenna to the ECU. They said just pop down what you want when you order the replacement antenna and we will supply it free of charge. Well I ended up getting more than I asked for, see below.

"Hi Tony

We have shipped 4 bags to you;

Bag 1 Rear Wiring Loom, Rear Speaker, Red Spade, ECU to Antenna wire.
Bag 2 Front Wiring Loom, Front Speaker, Red Spade, ECU to Antenna.
wire, Button switch.
Bag 3 $ New Antennas.
Bag 4 Two Adhesive Strips.



So for £23.89 in total, I've got all the gear I asked for plus two extra antenna, as 4 came in the packet, 2 spare speakers, one spare button switch, and spare wiring harnesses front and back.

When you order the full kit it comes with a spare antenna. Which in most cases you don't need [see instructions on site] I used them both on the Volvo, but it turns out it is not needed. So actually if you don't use it, when you sell the car on you can just strip your wiring and ECU out and reinstall in your new car using the spare antenna.

So ready to fit the system on the Focus I have just bought. It's the wife who has become a parking aid junkie now. This system beats ultrasonics into a cocked hat. The rear sensors have two constant pitch tones, the latter enabling you to get up real close to the vehicle behind, allowing you to get into or out of the tightest spot , or for straightening up your wheels and pulling forward.

Back in Jan 2009 I paid £102 via Ebay, for front and rear audio kits, the company has obviously realised they do not have to discount these units heavily to sell as they are the dogs dodars.

Word of advice whatever type you install, don't bother paying for the visual ones [unless of course your death] Because I reckon you will become transfixed watching the unit instead of being alert to what is actually going on around you. Remember parking aids are just the, aids you should still at all times have spacial awareness of your surroundings. A child could walk in front of you car while your reversing with your eyes transfixed on the visual unit above your review mirror. You slap it into first without looking and ...........
Just thought I'd add a bit of additional info in case anybody is interested in regard to how they perform.

On a Mk2 Focus:

[u][b]Rear Parking Aid:[/b][/u]

[u]First set of measurements are reversing towards a stone wall, second set of measurements reversing up to a BMW Mini[/u]

1. Start of variable paced audio signal, which repeats faster the nearer you get to the obstruction 67cm / 26".....42cm / 16"
2. First continuous audio signal 29cm / 11"......14cm / 5"
3 Second different pitch continuous audio signal 16cm / 6"......6cm / 2"

[u][b]Front Parking Aids as above[/b]

1. Start of variable paced audio signal, which repeats faster the nearer you get to the obstruction 57cm / 22"......40cm / 16"
2. Continuous Final audio signal 21cm / 8".........10cm / 4"

The reason there is a second continuous signal on the rear set up is. It aids you to get nearer to the car behind you when reversing during parallel parking. Enabling yo to get really close prior to straightening up the front wheels prior to pulling forward to the final parking position.
I can too vouch for the system that Parking Dynamics supply
I have recently purchased & fitted the PD1-Rear to my 06 Focus Titanium and am very happy with the system

They currently have an offer on
79.97 for the PD1-Rear
79.97 for the PD1-Front
145.97 for the PD1-Front & Rear
just wondering when you fitted this bit of kit did you put the antenna behind bumber or will it be ok under the plastic trim that pops out on the rear (2006)cheers
[quote name='craigy' date='04 April 2010 - 04:50 PM' timestamp='1270395610' post='76055']
just wondering when you fitted this bit of kit did you put the antenna behind bumber or will it be ok under the plastic trim that pops out on the rear (2006)cheers

As advised by Parking Dynamics front or back antenna have to be fixed to the part of the bumper that protrudes furthest.

I quote their website:[url=""]Install Antenna no lower than 40 cm from the ground, max height 60cm and optimum is 50 cm.[/url]

When fitting them to my Mk2 1.6 I was able to a fix them to the rear bumper whilst it was in situ. I managed to do this by lying on my back under the rear bumper with the car not needing to be raised up.[ I'm 63 years old and shall we say I've lost my six pack] Front bumper was a take the bumper off job. Best practice is, clean bumper where you going to afix the antenna, run it along the bumper [it has an adhisive backing, then cover with duck tape, this insures it will not peel off and it offers protection to the antenna it's self.

You can download DIY instructions from their website, see if you fancy the job, or you can get an installer to do the job for you.Remember I was wanting them front and back. But of the two local parking aid installers I contacted neither had heard of the system. First guy said he would need to see the parts, I said think ultra sonic installation. But forget drilling holes and fitting ultra sonic sensors to the bumpers, instead think adhesive metal strip running the full length of the reverse side of the bumpers. It was to much for him to take in, he still needed me to take it to a garage he used to see the bits, I said forget it. Second fitter said he had not heard of them, but as I was supplying the parts, he was willing to practice fitting them on my car for £300. So I did it myself and kept my £300 [Volvo S40] then I took the ECU's with me when I sold it and fit them to the Focus.All it cost me extra seeing as I already had the PA ECU's was to order up new antenna, same company will supply them complete with wiring harness, speaker, dash switch, and adhesive black gunk to stick the ECU down for a tenner plus delivery....they are an excellent company to deal with.

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