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Anyone know where the pollen filter is located?.... and more to the point how to access it....?

What is it with car dealers, not just Ford...the book says this item should be changed EVERY 12 months.... and how often is it skipped?...well every car I have bought in the last 15 years with full service history has needed a new pollen filter....tell tale signs this time of year are masses of condensation esp. on the windscreen! for anyone interested...such a cheap solution and the dealers seem to be too tight to fit them as part of a general service!...ooh it make one so cross...grrrrr! :(

any help would be appreciated,
this will help
[quote name='mintalkin' post='42581' date='Sep 10 2009, 06:59 PM']this will help
:rolleyes: Many many thanks for that...guess what I'll be doing come Saturday the wife says! (It's her car you see!)
Changed mine today.
First you have to drop the fuse box. then remove the bracket which holds the fuse box. 2x 13mm nuts.
You will then see the cover of the pollen filter, look left at the bottom behind the centre console area. It is held in by 2 torx screws or a third if you car is fitted with a chilled glove box.
It is very fiddly and you will need to bend into shapes and places you didn't think possible!!!!

Good Luck

Sorry Ignore me and my post it wrong,
Thought I was in the Focus forum!!!!!!


Changed mine today, before and after pic attached. Managed to break the flimsey clips on the foot well side panel though.damn much fusion trim is iffy quality

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