Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows a good, easy to use product for covering scratches?
Just after I bought my Focus 5 or 6 years ago some low life scratched the bonnet with a knife, :angry: I had arranged to have the bonnet resprayed, then before it went in to be done the b*******d did it again, :o same place, so I decided to leave it as it was until I sold it, expecting to only keep the car for a year or two.
It's hardly worth having it sprayed now, it's showed no signs of rust but it is through to the white underlayer of paint.
I had the idea of a wax type filler like French Polishers use, I've tried the colour wax polish without success.
I am hopeless with body work, hence something simple & not touch-up paint would be good.
The car is pepper red, so, any ideas?