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Full Version: mondeo fault code p2263
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Any ideas what this points to ? all i know is it is turbo boost system performance,Turbo? car is now in limp mode i have a obd reader this is how i got the code but i dont want to erase it so i can show mechanic if need be.Thanks
the two common faults for this code is the egr valve is stuck open. you can remove and clean this - ( check out the egr valve clean under the mondeo section)

or the electronic turbo actuator return arm is siezed due to a build up of carbon on the turbo vanes, you can check this by seeing if you can move the little arm by hand when you remove the clip on the arm. but this is unlikely unless you have mega miles on the car. i would try the egr first.
I had the egr and inlet manifold off a few weeks ago and gave them a good cleaning still had juddering and seemed to still be smoking,do you think it could be split in boost pipe from egr to intercooler?. Only 72k with full service history how easy is it to look actuater arm?.Could i have a faulty egr valve?
juddering at around 1800rpm and black smoke are symptons of a split intercooler pipe.
Your were spot on mate intercooler pipe had a 3 inch split relaced it still smoking but no judders hopefully it will clear after a good run out.Thanks again all !!!!!
Simon whirlwind

Hi there,


I have a problem with the car going into limp mode, and the engine management light coming on (occasionally). The code reader shows 2263 (turbo boost issue).

I have replaced the stainless steel pipe to the EGR valve, had the valve cleaned out and I have now blanked it off.

I start the car in the mornings, and the car runs perfect, no juddering, loss of power, or anything. I stop the car for less than 2 hours and I get the dreaded limp mode. If I leave the car for more than around 3 hours, now problem on starting and driving.

I have read on posts that a turbo hose could be leaking, although I can't see that as I have no loss of power at all.

I have read that the MAS sensor could need cleaning.

I have also seen that there is a vacuum thing between the MAS and the EGR valve, I assume it is a boost sensor valve as it has three pipes going into it. between the EGR valve, the turbo actuator and some where else?

Can anyone give me any tips on how to resolve this problem, very frustrating as I thought I had cured this by blanking off the EGR valve. The car ran perfectly for 4 days without limp mode, which made me think it was all sorted?

Thanks in advance for your help xxxx


You wont feel a massive drop in performance on the car if you have a split pipe or hose. I would be starting the engine and getting someone to give it a few revs whilst feeling around the intercooler pipe for any leaking air.

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