I went to the shop to buy a new water temp sensor and the man in the shop said that there are 2 and that both are for a temp gauge? So can anyone tell me which sensor causes the water temp gauge in the console to appear as if it's overheating, or very nearly, when it isn't? :)
1995 Escort estate 1.6 16v 90 BHP
Is it 9 or 10? Is it the one in the photo? If not I'll take it back tomorrow. Made by topran, anyone ever hear of that make, any good? Replacing F6193368?

Just had a look at mine and the 1 in the photo looks too big and mine is at an angel to the hose where as in the diagram it is not, I think he's looking at the wrong model, maybe?

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1. the 1 in the photo is the correct 1
2. the top sensor is the AC switch for the rad fan.
3 the bottom switch is the temp gauge.
Some indicate hot others cold, the man in the Ford garage said his 95 escort always showed just off cold but others he had seen showed anywhere for cold like his to hot like mine.
He said the only time you have a problem, is when you lift the bonnet when the fan starts and you can here the water boiling.