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Full Version: How much did you pay for a brand new Ka
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Sorry if this forum has already had a similar post, but I am normally on the Fiesta forum

Can I ask how much people have paid for a brand new Ka, what specification, colour, extras etc it was and roughly what month (i.e. pre or post recent price changes) and how long delivery was please

As we are now looking for one but want it as cheap as possible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks

we have loads in stock if you want to give us a call on 01397 700110 ask for ian
That defeats the object of my thread I don't wanna haggle with you I want to know how cheap you can sell me a Ka, try a Zetec in White what do ya reckon you can do one for ??
well i waited far too long mine ive bought a brand new KA a style1.2 8 valve ill be paying around 8000 or so for it but i used my car fr the scrappage scheme make sure if you order one thyat you get details properly and they dont mess you around i had nothing but problems with my dealer. i originially ordered a new ka in crystal white with no added extras and i ordered that on june 10th they told me 1 month wait for it but it turned out to be months i eventually went a bit nuts down the garage and demanded the one that was in the showroom which was exactly the same as mine but in "dive" colour and i said i wanted it at no extra cost! and hey ho they gave it to me!!! just make sure they tell you the truth and get plenty of everything in writing!!!!!

good luck!
Is that 10,000 - scrappage 2,000 = 8,000 cash or

8,000 - scrappage 2,000 = 6,000-ish cash ??

[quote name='EzzyRallyBoy' post='47165' date='Oct 25 2009, 08:46 AM']Is that 10,000 - scrappage 2,000 = 8,000 cash or

8,000 - scrappage 2,000 = 6,000-ish cash ??


We have a Ka Zetec 1.2 Crystal White with Sunrise exterior pack, Bluetoooth USB and Coral Seats due to us 14th Nov I will PM you with Price

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