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Full Version: starting problem on late model Escort
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My Escort Estate (petrol, 1.6L injection, year = 2000) starts first time (and runs) fine except under one condition. If I start the car and run it for a few minutes (eg, to change the car's position on the driveway), switch off and leave it for a day, the next day it won't start and I have to use the "flooded engine" technique mentioned in the owners handbook. This has happened on two occasions now so I assume I'm doing something wrong. (This never used to happen on manual choke cars, or manual choke conversion cars, in the olden days!!!!) Should I be switching off with the gas pedal in a different position, or revving up before switching off (something that was frowned upon in the olden days) or what? Or it this symptomatic of an injector problem?

when you are moving the car are you revving the nuts out of it??
[quote name='slickj' post='43457' date='Sep 18 2009, 03:19 PM']when you are moving the car are you revving the nuts out of it??[/quote]

No, I'm unaware that I do this. I guess I just rev the engine a little when it fires (I can check tomorrow where the rev counter goes to) but no more than anyone else would!

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