Hi everyone :lol: enjoying suck a great brand of car i have had a ford focus now for my last 3 cars and i love them, i brought my white ( well supposed to be when it get a wash :lol: ) about 5 yrs ago just b4 the new model came out i was gutted as the new model is realy nice and wish i had waited a few more months so i could buy that one as i have a family i opted to keep my one and pay of the finance on it.... now thats paid off im in a dilema do i go out and spend a fortune on finance again for the car i want which i think the ford focus ST is around 10000 for an 05-06 plate i dont really want the finance again with a new family member on the way too.... so here goes can anyone tell me how i can improve the power of my 1.6 zetec engine at a good price? im also looking for a new set of wheels as 2 of mine are buckled and need replacing!!!!!!!! and just out of curiosity whats the diff in MPG between a 2002 1.6 zetec and a 05-06 2.5 ST? just wondering that all ;) i hope you can all help me get my car to look a bit sporty but not loose its family apeal but the ST is still calling my name :lol: ............. Thanks