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My nephew has a Puma, 1.7 petrol, manual gearbox, which has always had a SLIGHT oil leak, which has now become much worse.

The oil seems to cover the back half of the sump and the leaking oil goes to the driver's side of the car, over the drive shaft and so on.

I have been told about a "latent fault", on the Puma to do with oil leak problems.

Please could somebody help me by telling me what the , latent fault, is all about, or any other suggestions as to what is causing the leak.

It had new oil filter a few monts back. which is bone dry.

Best wishes
the common places are rocker cover gasket and driveshaft oil seals.
[quote name='mintalkin' post='47012' date='Oct 23 2009, 03:31 PM']the common places are rocker cover gasket and driveshaft oil seals.[/quote]

Thank you for your help.
I am pretty certain it is the driveshaft seal due to the spray pattern of the oil.
I will be putting on ramp on Monday to make sure where the leak is.

If it is a drive-shaft seal, as is suspected, how difficult is the job for a reasonable-level DIY mechanic?
My car is a 1962 Morris Minor on which I do all servicing and repairs, and I've done a few major jobs on my nephew's Puma-replacement door, exhaust etc.

That said, I'm nowhere near skilled mechanic.
best wishes

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