Hello everyone! Just after some assistance please!

I have just recently installed a new hands free (an io play) kit into my 05 focus titanium, however since then, the FM signal quality has been really poor, infact, so bad I canít listen to the radio!

I have the sony/ford head unit, and it was fine before I installed the hands free kit, and I have not changed the head unit, so am baffled why this could be. The only difference is the amount of cabling and connectors behind the head unit. Could this be the problem? Perhaps static? I have checked all the cabling behind the head unit, including the ground wire. Have also checked the areal connection, and all OK. Iv also tried turning the radio on without the ignition on (so the bluetooth unit isnt on) and it is fine, its only when the bluetooth unit comes on the interference happens. I have also tried moving the blutooth unit further away from the head unit. I think this helped abit, but not alot. So im stuck on ideas!

You help is appreciated!