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Full Version: Glow plug light
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Can someone tell me where the above should be or does it only come on when it's really cold?


(2009 TDCI )
It will flash up for a few seconds on the dash when you turn the key. It's orange, looks like a wire coiled up
[quote name='gaz 6076' post='47801' date='Oct 31 2009, 05:19 PM']It will flash up for a few seconds on the dash when you turn the key. It's orange, looks like a wire coiled up[/quote]
That's the problem, the coil does not appear like the rest of the Ford cars I have owned. I thought they might have introduced a new
gimmick ie the glow plugs only heat when required by ambient temp. thus the light only appears when needed.


hi there it will depend wich dash you have as some are hidden in the menus

I had a mondeo 54 diesel with a glow plug light and was surprised when I got the Smax as it didn't seem to have one. Just figured you didn't need to wait for glow plug (???showing my ignorance of mechanical issues?)

I have a 2008 S Max diesel and I cant find the glow plug light either. I have a Titanium Tdci and its never been there.

Car going into the garage tomorrow because it is not starting properly in the cold.

It also stutters and hesitates when cold. It has done this for over a year but the garage say they cannot find anything wrong.
Cold stalling/hesitating is commonplace on the TDCI engine due to the DMF.
Most owners just live with it, as fixing it is expensive.
I have a 2.0tdci and I have a glow plug (orange coil) light that comes on for a second when I turn on the ignition, every diesel I've seen has one!

With regard to stuttering when cold, my has been doing the same and it's due to the EGR valve being clogged up. Might be worth looking into that also. If its the DMF then this should be easy to diagnose and I would have thought that the garage would have spotted it right away?!
Hi I have a 2009 2.0 TDCi - had for 1 year, glow plug light never comes on on dash, until last week with the -2C temps pretty much all of last week, on turning key the glow plug light came on for about 5-1secs then went off - this week normal temps for time of year and no sign of the glow plug lights on dashg board

so seems -1C or below and the glow plug lights will come on

hope thats of help

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