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Full Version: Vibration on acceleration
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Hi all,

This look like a good site to be a member of. Wish I'd found it earlier.

I drive a 2006 Focus Zetec 2.0 automatic.

Recently a vibration I get when accelerating...especially on hard acceleration (eg getting up speed to join motorway when leaving services) has become worse.

It's now more than a vibration. You can really feel it through your feet and the steering wheel. The sat nav, and anything else that can move, jiggles around too.

It virtually goes away when you've reached speed, but I sense there's still something there.

I've had the front wheels looked at and balanced. No change. All tyres are in good condition.

Car is on about 56,000 miles.

Am trying to get it to a garage, but work has been hectic.

Very grateful for any answers or opinions.

Many thanks, Chris in Southampton.
Could it be engine mountings?
[quote name='IMW' post='47849' date='Nov 1 2009, 02:59 PM']Could it be engine mountings?[/quote]

Could be. I'm none too mechanical!

Really feels like the car is going to gradually fall apart. Latest thing today is the boot is managing to open itself while I'm driving, I hear the lock doing things behind me! But when I stop, it appears to be locked and won't open using the normal 'all doors' unlock function button on the key. You have to use the specific 'open boot' button on it.

Wonder if it's all linked. Have to get to dentist tommorow for emergency work, so the car will have to be second priority. Have a local Ford dealership who are good. But I'm useless without a vehicle, so hopefully a courtesy car will be available.

Focus otherwise has been brilliant. Very reliable.
Well, Ford checked the wheel balance, but worked out the car needed a new drive shaft.

As the vehicle was only about a month and a half out of warranty, I contacted Ford UK, and they ended up paying 70% of the cost, which was a great help.

Never had the drive shaft go, on any of my Fords.

Now running smooth.

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