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Full Version: annoying starting issue
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hi folks hopefully someone can help i have a 2001 focus 1.8 zetec basically now the cold weather is here im having starting issues in that if i turn it over it starts but instantly dies the only way to get it to start is to put the accelerator 1/3 of the way in while turning it over, after this the car will start first time every time till its been left overnight. the car has a brand new battery thats been checked for the alternator charging properly and all is okay it holds its charge fine only drops to 10v while the cars turning over the plugs etc are fine no dash lights no fault codes im at a loss any suggestions it may or may not be related but when it is warm the revs are between 690-730 while idling
The cutting out/low idle could be down to a number of things, although if the voltage is dropping on starting it might be a tired starter motor or possibly a poor earth connection somewhere - engine to body,body to battery, etc. With the low revs at idle, I would be tempted to try another idle valve, or look for an air leak on a vacuum pipe, etc.
It's normal to have a voltage drop while cranking only if it drops to under 7.7v(can't remember exactly what it can't drop to) is there a problem 10 v should be fine. I'll ask my lecturer at college o double check 4 me as we havnt gone through this yet this year (on more detail oviously)
thecar doesnt cut out while its idling just sometimes when i first start it for the first time cars under warranty so if any of them go im covered
How come you still got a warranty an a mk1 I thought warrantie where only for the first 3 years when brand new
[quote name='HeadShoT2009' post='49051' date='Nov 12 2009, 03:29 PM']How come you still got a warranty an a mk1 I thought warrantie where only for the first 3 years when brand new[/quote]
i bought it a y plate with 67k on the clock from a local dealer for 2300 and insisted on 1 years warranty with the car along with 6 months road tax and a service i was lucky they were having a quiet spell

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