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Full Version: LAmp replacement in passengerside headlight
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I have just noticed the wife has a lamp out in the car.I have had a quick look in the dark but doesnt look simple,could anyone point me in the direcion of how i replace the lamp?i have read on other forums that i have to disconnect the battery and remove it to gain access this cannot be correct can it?

I have a 2004 Audi A4 and to replace the lamp in my front headlights i have to remove the full headlight to change the lamp a pian in the butt at first glance but not to bad once i had a digram from a forum i use for that car does anyone have anything simlar for the Focus?
The Focus is a 2005 Titanium model

Many Thanks
I think battery removal is the usual way to get access. Make sure you have the radio code handy.
Don't know how much the light design on the 2005 model differs from my 2003 Focus, but I've recently changed the sidelights & dipped beams on both sides, without having to remove anything other than the plastic covers at the back of the light unit.

The dipped bulbs are held in by a metal clip which hinges into place and clips shut (a bit like closing a gate then latching it) whilst the sidelights just pushed into place. Its a bit of a squeeze & it helps if you've got small hands (like me!), but it can be done without having to bugger about removing the light or the battery, etc....might be useful getting a small mirror first to try & see where everything is before putting your hand in, as you'll have to work "by feel"...

(Not sure about the full beams as have never touched them).
If your focus is a mk2 type then you need to take out the head light, one small bolt on top and two clips, take care with the clips.

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