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Full Version: My car is useing alot of petrol
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Hi i have a fiesta 1.3i endure e engine (tappy one :lol: ) on a 51 plate. done about 75,000 miles.

What it is a seem to be putting alot of petrol in my car and its doing my head in and bank acount
Now ive tryed everything takeing weight out of the boot, haveing my tyre presure done like every week - 3 weeks or so.
I dont drive mad iam not heavy on the right foot (sometimes i maybe ie roundabouts) but not all the time. now the car is well looked after regular oil and fliter changes, air fliter the clutch seems to be fine the brakes seem fine ive even put in the fuel tank lucas fuel treatment to clean the injecters and that but i seem to be using more another thing i have noiced every now and again i get very strong smell of petrol when i park up outside my house ive checked for any leaks can't see notthing everything ok.

But there is one thing i would like to say i normally let my petrol run down to empty sometimes when i say empty when the neddle is close to the mark but i don't allow it that much to go down that the petrol light comes on. now i know petrol prices are up and down but surely my car does not need to use this much can anyone help and tell me what it could be thank you alan.
ask a friend to sit in the car & give it a little revs m8
you need to feel all the rubber hoses that attatch to the carb &
other petrol lines as it soinds like you have a split hose somewhere
you need the car running to do this as you need pressure in the lines for it to
seep out.

you can get the hose easily enough from fords aswell.

also check the fuel lines under the car & the tank it's self.
the fuel fitler is near the nearside (non drivers side) of the car
by the rear wheel. it looks like a coke can in a harness.
check it & all the lines that feed it & feed from it.
let us know how you get on with the search.
you can also check that everything is tight & sealed on any hose joints m8

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