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Full Version: Knocking noise (leaf springs)
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I have a 2000 W reg Mk 5 Escort van. Which has a knocking noise coming from the leaf springs It only happens or is worse when I go over a speed bump or ruff roads and seems to be worse when it is raining. I have taken it to the mechanics and he says they are fine . But is this a dangerous problem as i am rather worried as iam planning a road trip.

Thanks in advance

Also my clutch feels a bit springy Does it need adjusting .... TAR
[font="Comic Sans MS"][size=2]Hiya,
is your van lowered?
Changes what it could be.[/size][/font]
Mine also does this knocking noise in the wet. I have covered 10,000 miles since it started. I've found when I have a small weight in the back it doesn't knock/bang.
I'm also after an answer to the problem
If you got your back end empty, could be that as you go over the hump/bump, the back end bounces up and the leaf spring just has a minor gap in its bushings/fixings, then as it bounce back down you get the noise.

If mechanic says ok, try another to double check.

Piggy :)
Thanks for all your answers To sort it out i have placed rubber inbetween the springs to stop the knocking Then cable tie them ( dunno whether its very safe ) . But am gonna bite the bullet and buy some replacements...

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