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Full Version: Replacing headlamp bulbs
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I'm thinking of upgrading the bulbs on my Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi to the bright white halogen type bulbs as I do a fair bit of night driving.

I've read on some posts here that this isn't a job for the simple minded i.e. me. Is this the case with my car? If there's any fiddling involved I'd rather keep the standard bulbs.

Also, can anyone recommend a bulb (from the web or local store - Halfords etc.)?? I think the blue type bulbs have less light - hence looking for the bright white ones.

Thanks in Advance.
Do you mean HID? Too complicated if so, gota have certain things in place to make legal.

However there are good standard bulb replacements out there that promise 30% brighter light etc and often are better...

Bosch do some nice ones, go searching on the net is the best way.

Piggy :)
I found these


On the website you choose your model, make and year of your car and it came up with H7 bulbs. Anyone tried these?

There's still the question of fitting - is it straightforward - i.e. is there anything blocking access to the bulbs. I'm not mechanically minded so just want to simply straight swap.
Go for [url=""]Philips X-treme Power[/url]. Reports say they are as bright as nightbreakers but last longer. Had them in my Mk1 for about 6 months now and I gotta admit they are fantastic.

On the Mk1.5 changing bulbs is fairly straight forward but extremely tricky to get the backs off the headlights or rather back on. By far the easier way is to remove the headlight unit from the car, but thats time consuming on the TDCi as theres a bellypan under the engine bay. A way round this is to remove the screws from the front of the wheel arch liner and push it aside, you'll get a hand in to remove the bottom bolt off the headlight unit.
Thanks SierraYankee99, they look like what I'm after.

I don't know if I'm up to doing it myself - looks tricky and I'd probably do some damage. I'll take a look at the weekend and let you know how I get on.
I recently got some [url=""]Osram Silverstar[/url] for my Mk1.5 TDCi from Powerbulbs (also got some free Phillips blue sidelight bulbs worth 10) and am more than happy with them. As far as fitting goes I managed to do it without removing anything at all (other than the clip-on cover on the back of the lamp, & obviously the old bulb!). The passenger side is a bit tighter, but I've read people say that moving the battery can help.

It can be a bit awkward but only 'cos you have to do it "by feel" - it helps to get a small mirror first & try to get an idea of where you'll be workng - it also helps if you've got small hands like me!! Basically it's not really technical, so as long as you don't touch the glass part you should manage it ok.


P.S. Also managed to find a discount code on-line for 10% off, so got the Osram and the Phillips for a total of 14.85 delivered - can't argue with that!! :)
Vas, thanks a million. You convinced me - I ordered those bulbs - I found the discount code too!!

One question - why do you call it a Mk 1.5 - I thought it was a Mk 2.

Thanks Again.
[quote name='focusdriver' post='50917' date='Nov 26 2009, 11:19 PM']Vas, thanks a million. You convinced me - I ordered those bulbs - I found the discount code too!!

One question - why do you call it a Mk 1.5 - I thought it was a Mk 2.

Thanks Again.[/quote]

The original Focus (Mk1) was from 1998 to around 2001, then they did a bit of a facelift (cosmetic stuff like moving front indicators, foglights, etc) which lasted until around 2004/5 & I think people just ended up referring to it as "Mk 1.5". When they drastically changed the bodyshape it then became the Mk2.
Well, I had the bulbs yesterday and fitted them today. I went out for a spin earlier this evening - to be honest I couldn't tell the difference (but they were very slightly whiter). There was a lot of lamppost light around so hopefully I'll see a bigger difference on the M4 tomorrow where there are no lampposts.

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