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Hi all...I own as some may know a Festa and waiting for me ZS to arrive (next week hopefully!)

But i had a rock gig at weekend and needed to get three people, my drum kit, 3 guitars, 2 large guitar amps, bag of wiring, load of food and some other bits n bobs to the gig...

Me thought it aint gona happen with the festa...mmmmm

DAD! He happily let me borrow his 1995 Mondeo 1.8td in dark blue, which has covered a mere 152k!

I tell you what, it was the comfiest, smooth drive, the seats were o so comfy, it coped with the puddles and potholes with its lil 14" wheel abso fine, and the handling was surprising , I was expecting bad understeer and a loloping ride, but it was reasurringly heavy.

very nice, and got it all in the old girl with room to spare and I have to admit, it aint quick but still had a lot of guts and went abso fine, 55mpg ta v much!

But I cleaned it yesterday after using it and getting it filthy, and noticed that the drivers, front passengers and rear left passengers footwells were sopping wet, I mean squeelchy wet.

Is this common?!

I have just done far bit of welding repairs (MOT coming up), but all repairs on outa sills, and I carefully inspected underneath and couldnt find any rust or holes...the heater matrix is fine...any thoughts or common faults to check?!?!??!

ta, Piggy :)
the most common cause of water ingress is the seal to the pollen filter housing allowing water to bypass and enter the car, see here for location.
nice work, much ta'ness!

Piggy :)
Pollen filter thingy as above... Not possibly a blocked sunroof clearing pipe etc of its a sunroof model?
oh of course...nice one...will be looking into it on monday!
pollen filter seal...woohoo..thanks all :)

carpet out and drying, will reseal tomoz :)
[quote name='InstructorPiggy' post='54532' date='Dec 15 2009, 08:55 PM']pollen filter seal...woohoo..thanks all :)

carpet out and drying, will reseal tomoz :)[/quote]

Hopefully this appends ok (Just joined) my Mondeo suffered from the same fault. After some investigation why the footwell behind the drivers seat was soaking wet, we found the cause which was a broken "membrane" within the passenger door. This was changed, and with some drying out, the car is perfect. Just a thought.

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