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Full Version: Kleber Viaxen 165/65/R13 tyre cracks
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My 2008 Ford Ka Style Climate 1.3 has covered 6,040 miles on its stock tyres - Kleber Viaxen 165/65/R13 tyres. I have kept the correct tyre pressure maintained. I will admit I have hit quite a few kerbs when parking, but never at high speed.

Are the hairline cracks visible on the photos normal for tyres that have covered only 6,040 miles?




those cracks are not to do with damage, they are from the 'rubber' perishing.

Seems odd for 6000miles...normally to do with age, and the Kleber isn't a bad tyre really, made by Michelin.

Look for a four digit number on the tyre its quite large, approx 10-12mm in height and is in a sort of oval....


get back on here with the numbers :)

38th week of 2007?
[quote name='Jcoventry' post='54127' date='Dec 13 2009, 11:03 AM']3807.

38th week of 2007?[/quote]


Dont seem too bad that.

Has the car sat in water for long periods of time or get alot of salt, from roads or living near the sea?! :blink:
[quote name='InstructorPiggy' post='54129' date='Dec 13 2009, 11:09 AM']Has the car sat in water for long periods of time or get alot of salt, from roads or living near the sea?! :blink:[/quote]


I asked about it on another forum, and someone said I should definitely be asking my dealer about it.

I do have Tyre Cover, which the dealer persuaded me to get when I bought the car. It cost me 175 and covers the tyres from "damage" for 3 years.

Maybe I should try and get a set of four Falken Sincera SN-828 tyres under this cover I have...?
Got to admit the Klebers aint bad, definitely on par with the Falkens.

I would complain if you got a tyre cover package....and from what you say you got the car from new??

If so i would moan about the perishing, its not dangerous or a fail for MOT in anyway yet, but showing signs that the tyre isn't as good as it should be for age/use.

Blag some new tyres....I certainly would...thats no good for a 2 year old tyre!!

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