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Full Version: Replacement for Pirelli P6000 Tyre (MK3 Mondeo)
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I've owned my MK3 Mondeo for 1 year now, its a 2006 2.0 Mondeo Edge (TDCi). It came when haggling with the Ford dealer with a new set of tyres (and quite a few other things) (I got a bargin) however in just 1 year, and only just 12K miles, I have been advised 3 of the 4 tyres are very close to the legal limit (the 4th on its way).. These are all equal wear, and the tracking, pressures have always been good.

With such low mileage, I was a little surprised at how little mileage these Pirelli P6000 tyres seem to be quoted to do.

Now looking for a set of 4 replacements, and have come to this forum wondering what are other people using?
I'm looking for good all-rounders. Something that will do 20 - 30K (hopefully) and grip / not aquaplane on both country and motorway type roads.

I've seen Michelin have an "Energy Saver" tyre that some reviews have quoted to do 40K miles+, one chap even quoted 110K - however for the size, weight, and fun the Mondeo can be to drive, would I be compromising the grip the P6000's currently provide?

It seems rather an expense to buy new tyres each year.
Does anyone have a good all-rounder for grip with minimal wear..

Really appreciate any recommendations to save my credit card each year :-)
I'm running on Toyo Proxes on my focus. Still only 2k on their back but they do perform well and they didnt break the bank (about £50 a corner)
i had the same problem with Bridgstone ER300, the mondy just chewed them at 14000 miles, have now gone with Michline Primacy slightly noisier but harder wearing.
I'm running 18" Kuhmo's on my alloys. They're a really good all round tyre and pretty cheap too.
In my experience the grip is dependent on how soft the tyre is,my old RS would eat tyres in about 6-8000 mls but it was ragged cross country lanes to the airfield and back every day and as a result tried many brands and found if you want grip in the wet you have to go for soft tyres and swallow the wear rate,there's a reason why some tyres last 20000 odd miles is that they are as hard a nails compound wise,the grip comes from the road removing a tiny tiny layer of rubber from the tyre the more rubber removed the higher the grip,just physics in the end,try finding a roundabout that has been "Shellgripped" and go round it a few times,fantastic grip but soon no tyre left....
Thanks to all the replies. I also found this site which has helped.


Just to let you know, I'm going to try the Uniroyal Rainexpert 1 or 2's on the strength of the reviews. From Which? they perform well, with a good balance of wear against grip...

I'll update on how they get on.

Thanks again, Have a Great Christmas and New Year!
I suggest you Michelin Primacy II, for your mondeo :)
chris bowman
[quote name='McRae_FAN' post='60384' date='Jan 17 2010, 09:09 AM']I suggest you Michelin Primacy II, for your mondeo :)[/quote]

i usually go to my local tyre garage and ask for the cheapest non-remould tyres in my size on the car. usually about £40 fited , valved and balanced.
Paul D
Hankook's appear to be a good buy, 20k in the last year from them and they are now just starting to show the need for change.

Good in the Wet too!

meant to add, no more than 60 quid a pop, Much cheapness!
Im guessing youve got 205/55 R16s, when I had my Mondeo i had Hankooks which were still going strong after 20k miles. They were cheap and did the job brilliantly. On my current Mondeo i have Avons which I would highly recommend as well - decent value, good grip and seem to last long.

The Pirellis on my Fiesta are good but way to expensive!
I'm on 205/50/R17 and just changed my tyres to Michelin Primacy HP. It was an expense but well worth it. The comfort and grip (especially wet) is just so much better than Continental Sport Contact 2 I had before. I can’t say anything about how long they’ll last but Michelin tyres I had on my previous car lasted 16k.
I suggest trying this site: [url=""][/url]

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