I really wanted to have my ipod weired into my Sony headunit but found nothing out there that really worked until now.

You can now play your ipod though the radio's AUX and charge it at the same time buy using a Kenwood KCA-IP200 cable

Plug the cable's 3.5mm jack into the Aux input and feed the cable through the glove box and behind the central console, I did this by just tucking the cable along the bottom of the console then into the armrest which has a hole already in it, when you have your ipod and USB end in the armrest get a USB cigarette lighter thingy and put this in the lighter socket and theres you ipod power.

Just use you Aux to listen to your ipod and as the ipod audio is coming direct from the ipod and not through ipod headphone socket the audio is much better quality, the only downside is there is now control from your cars radio, only the ipod but still you cant have everything.

Cable and USB cigarette lighter socket thing will cost you about 30, the cable can be brought from www.justkenwood.co.uk