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I had a new battery fitted by a garage but then found that there was a rattling when I was doing over 60. I look under the bonnet and found that the battery cover was the cause but whatever I did with it - it wouldn't stay in place.

I've attached some photos - The top section in green was fixed firmly in place but the side section wouldn't stay in place. It clipped down at area 1 but it would just pop out. I think a clip at area 2 has broken.


I went back to the garage who said it was a fault with most Fords and the best he could do was stick a bit of sponge down the side of the battery. (Even though it wasn't knocking before they'd changed the battery). This didn't work so I was thinking of whether to glue the plastic onto the from the bottom.

Any suggestions? Is glueing a bad idea as the cover will be difficult to remove?

Could I take the cover off altogether?

simple soloution drill a small hole at the side where the tabs broken and one underneath and feed a cable tie through or the scrappy do em for a fiver
your photos show that you are missing the small cover that hides battery leads, this could let air in under the battery cover, was this small cover on before the went away...
artscot79: Thanks for the tip - I'll be doing it tomorrow or the day after.

alz: Don't know about the battery cover and if it was there before it went away. Is it a big deal for air to get through this hole?? (Sorry if I'm being stupid but the guy at the garage said that sometimes they rip out the whole cover as they're more hassle than they're worth)
Air around a battery wont cause a problem. Moist air will though. Damp can drain a poorly charged battery fairly quickly but most people protect the terminals with either copper slip or vaseline to keep moisture out.

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