Hello all.

hope someone can help.

i have got an 03 plate focus 1.6 lx.

have two probs. have been down to local garage and got fault codes read.

airbag has a code b2855 front crash sensor short to ground/vbatt.

problem with this is the airbag light flashes showing code 4 2. which is passenger side wiring/pretensioner problem (according some internet digging) so unsure which it is. have looked at pretensioner under seats and look ok but unsure how to unclip safely.

any ideas folks? is it a new sensor or just some wiring to clean up and hopefully you can point me to some hotspots?

fuel/ignition code p0420 efficency below threshold bank1.
have put new ht leads on as seemed to be a stutter/misfire which new leads has got rid of stutter. was thinking airflow meter in or one/both of the lambdas but on a budget so trying to avoid randomnly getting sensors and hoping.

i can sort most things but need a pointer from some pro's.