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Full Version: Fusion 3 headlight bulbs.
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I have a problem which is niggling away at me that i hope someone may be able to help me with.
I am trying to change the standard headlight bulbs for super brights as i can see much clearer at night using them.I had them in my old car,which were very easy to fit.
Problem is i can't for the life of me figure out how to get into the back of the light enclosure to release the spring clips in order to remove the old bulbs.It would be a very easy job if i had hands the size of a baby,but alas i don't.I did attempt to remove the whole light enclosure,after removing the three securing screws the enclosure refuses to budge.
Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated,all except for taking the car to my local ford dealer as i refuse to be ripped off by them.
Many thanks in advance.
I did mine a few weeks back.

Start by removing the 2 star head screws on the top and 1 on the front of the light unit.
This should then release the whole unit from the car. It may be a little stiff so give it a gentle tug!
Next remove the rubber boot from the rear to reveal the light bulbs.

As the Haynes manual says "replacement is a direct reversal of the removal proceedure" :)
Thanks for the info Skyman114.
I did remove the three screws you mentioned but it seemed like something else was holding the enclosure,which i could not find.I will try again though,when the daylight returns lol.
Once again,many thanks.
Mine were a little stiff> the side closest to the front wings > but a good grip and a tug later and they came out :)

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