Hi All! As a newbe to your website I've registered from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to seek some feedback from those of you who might own a Ford C-Max. The 2012 models will be making their debut here in Canada in late 2011 and I'm seriously considering the C-Max as a replacement for my current 1999 Ford Windstar minivan. My van is big and comfortable and carries a lot but the gas mileage is only about 25 mpg. We only pay about 82 cents(Canadian) per litre. I know this is A LOT cheaper than what you guys pay in Britain but with my kids leaving the nest in the next few years I won't need such a huge van and I like what Ford is bringing out in the next few years. You've had the C-Max for a few years already so how does everyone (whose on your site) like these cars for their comfort, reliability,mileage, transmissions,etc.?
I still own a collectible 1986 Mustang GT convertible as my summer toy and a 2000 Ford Ranger truck to haul stuff but a new daily driver is something I want to see in my garage in the future. Thanks in advance for all those who reply!