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Full Version: hd cable for xbox 360... help?
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were can i get one, and what is the right one?

it will make gaming alot better i feel, any help welcome
Steven Dark
Doesnt make a difference what cable you use, you can spend a huge amount of money on one but you probably wont notice the difference between a 10 and 50 cable (unless you're superhuman or have amazingly brilliant eyesight and hearing)
And you can get them from any electrical store. Currys, Comet, Hughes etc.. or online, amazon, currys, play etc etc
[quote name='spamdan08' post='57460' date='Jan 2 2010, 12:02 AM']were can i get one, and what is the right one?

it will make gaming alot better i feel, any help welcome[/quote]

Are you referring the the component or HDMI lead? If the latter, any v1.3 cable should be fine; if your Xbox doesn't have an HDMI socket, then you'll want the former. I chucked out a component HD lead for my xbox the other day actually, whoops.
try amazon or asda. for a hdmi cable, 5 at asda, bargain!
Tbh, I dont think it makes much difference to the picture. They are cheap in asda though if you want one!
I got a cheap one from Tesco last week and does the job great!
Just make sure you get a HDMI 1.3 (or higher) cable. But most new ones are at least v1.3, mine was 4.50 from Zavvi :)
I have to disagree with some of what has been said here - if you were to be able to have two identical TVs next to each other, one set up with a high quality HDMI lead and one with a budget job, the difference is extremely noticeable. Few if any cheap HDMI leads are actually fully 1080p rated (even those that claim to be can usually only manage 1080i), meaning your missing out on the best resolution possible if a game has 1080p capability. The best games for noticing the difference are games like Oblivion - massive backdrops loaded with detail and colour.

Also bear in mind what has been said - older XBox consoles and the budget models still being sold now don't even have an HDMI output, so you'll need a component cable - that's the six phono leads with colour coded labels.

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