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Full Version: My Escort MK6 revs fron high to low to high again
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Hi, can anyone shed some lite? When the car is cold like now in winter I start the car and revs are high as normal but after driving for say 2 mins the revs die and it nearly stalls, then it seems to get a boost of petrol or oxygen and the car revs high, up to 2500 revs, then drops to 400 revs, it does this for the whole time in sat stationary, every 3 seconds or so? any one else had this problem? My cars an S reg, escort chicane, had it 5 months and been a dream in the warm weather, just not too good in the winter. Still love her tho! The revving is serious tho as it does it when slowing down too! :o
Dirty ICV.

Will need cleaning. Very common problem
[quote name='vinnyvangough' post='58192' date='Jan 5 2010, 01:15 PM']Dirty ICV.

Will need cleaning. Very common problem[/quote]

I have the same problem on my escort so I'm gonna look up what this ICV is and see if i can repair mine.
icv - idle controlle valve, cleanout with carb cleaner or simular.
Bit of a sod to get to on the newer zetec models
The Badger
Yep this is the Idle Air Control Valve

Remove and leave over night in petrol or carb cleaner, make sure the o-ring is removed before soaking, other than that you could purchase a new one from here:


Hi i have a 1998 Escort on an R-Plate the 1600Zetec engine, The Idle control valve is a small "Clip" looking object which is black and if i remember rightly has a brown and blue wire going into it, its just below the Coil pack (the section that your Ignition leads are attached to) Just give it a clean as stated NOT in petrol! (what a funny idea!) but use Carb cleaner.
Some months ago, i had this same problem start on mine,

I changed the ICV... for a new one... and it still does it!... I am so used to it now, i don't even notice. anyways, i spoke to a Ford RS Turbo wizard in Peterborough (Does nothing but RS Turbo's and Cosworth modifying)... and he told me this....

"When you get a Ford, you either get a good one, or a bad one.... The good ones live happy lives and die young... and the bad ones live like a one legged butt kicking champion... and die old!"

Basically, its a 1998 Ford, it is not a Aston Martin and live with the fact that in winter it plays up and in summer it may play up, in wet it might work a dream and in dry it is wonderful... after a wash it might hate you but always remember... its better than a Vauxhall!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess, i just got one that plays up... but i am on 160,000 miles and it is still going strong... considering!

Hi everyone, we have this same problem on our daughters R reg 1600 Zetec Escort, ive got a Haynes manual for it which shows you what the ICV looks like and it says its on the inlet manifold but i cant find anything that matches what the Haynes manual shows, has anyone else had this issue and where the hell due i find the ICV and how do i get to it, can it be reached from the top of the engine or do i need to get under the car the access it?
Many thanks, Bob.
Yer i think suspect of the starting post is idle controlle valve
Mine is too
Or it wired into ECU and other problems with other items wired into ECU so its play the ??? game
Funny the other week I sold a ICV for Ztec 16v escort MK6 engine on ebay 7.50 and now wish i had held onto it

You will find you idleing device left hand front side of your engine
Its made of aluminium its a barrel about 1" diametor and 3" long with the black plastic on the end
with wires coming out
There is a big sricker on it with the ford logo
hi i have this problem and tried iscv loads of times
then was also told to change inlet manifold gasket and o rings
that i did and sorted it as it was sucking in air and messing up iscv
also check if plastic manifold it aint warped my one that was well warped
especially if engine been overheating regular like the one i bought had been,
as the fan was not working and never changed till i did it.
hope this helps

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