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Hi all,Firstly like to say what a great website this is.
Anyway down to buisness,I recently bought a 1997 1.4i CL (MK6 or mk7??),however just started having a little problem starting it in the mornings.She wont fire unless I have my foot planted on the thorttle,and once its running it will start on the key without throttle all day with problem.
I was wondering if someone has, had or has the same problem and knows how to fix it.Ive changed the plugs and air filter next on the list is the ht leads and a fuel filter.
Can any one think if doing this will help?Or am I looking in the wrong direction and its something more mechanical??

This morning before I tried to start her I unplugged the airflow meter,and she started first turn,does this mean the airflow meter is knackered????
If it is are theyall the same or will I need one with the same part numbers on etc.
The Badger
LOL Was just about to advise to unplug it!

Yes that points to a knackered air flow meter, go to a scrappers and get another one, you will need one from the same engine.


Try eBay too, tend to find a lot of bits like that on there. Also your car is a Mark 6, there's no such thing as a Mark 7.. just people get confused because there were 2 models of the Mark 5 :)
Thanks for your posts,Ive changed the air flow meter,and still have the same problem.
Someone told me to clean the ICV,so Ive done that and still no differance.
Running out of ideas.

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