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Full Version: 2011 Ford Focus
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[url=""]More pice here[/url]

Kinda reminds me of the Kia Ce'ed
wanting more marketing and production info, albeit lite on piccies [url=""]Click Here[/url]
Is this the next European Focus too, or just for the US?
EDIT - apparently it IS the next global vehicle for Ford with production starting simultaneously in Europe and North America in late 2010 and go on sale early in 2011

This pic is my fave, looks hard as nails from this angle B)
[quote name='FMC' post='59442' date='Jan 11 2010, 11:59 AM']Is this the next European Focus too, or just for the US?

This pic is my fave, looks hard as nails from this angle B)

What is it with peeps these days :P I posted the link you just need to read it

quote the article: The new Focus will be nearly identical in all markets, with 80 per cent parts commonality around the world.

Comment: As I mostly don't like US exterior design of their motors, especially their rears. I'm kinda hoping the don't adopt the flashy wrap around rear light clusters for the European market...but that's just me. The fronts cool, and I do like the overall shape of the car, looks nice and sleek.

my favoruite

its just a kia ceed personally i dont like the lookof it looks okay from the front but the side view its ugly
:o front brakes look a bit small behind those pram wheels :)
what makes the focus different is the mk1 was and is still a design sensation it was like nothing else ford continued along that design making subtle improvements yet the focus was always distinguishable as nothing els e really looked like it that looks the same as a kia ceed and a bit like the new astra and probably a few others the focus im afraid to say has died given the choice ide stick with my mk1 it may be an 01 but it still looks as good as half the new junk on the road and nothing else looks like it except a focus theyve taken fiesta designs and kuga designs and created a bastard child im afraid will it be a hit i dont think it will
i prefer the astra and the kia from the outside. focus looks good inside but everything seems squashed together. i fear it will be boring when it comes out as we will be used to seeing all its identical rivals, hardly ground breaking design although the new engines may save it.
quite average, style-wise doesn't seem to hit it so it'll all depend on the drive/performance. Not used to the two triangular front vents and those rear lights *shakes head*
ford focus edge
I think in black, on some nice alloys with tint's from the b-pillar backwards would look the dog's nuts. The ford "ecoboost" engines sound a good change though turbo charging is the way foward in the current climate (hippies being bastards about the enviroment) at last though we might be able to chip a petrol focus up or even... dare i say it... fit a dump valve :P take the eco part out and hopefully if it drives properly and if my life plan kickes of, you'l find my name on the wating list

Looks so similar to the new Astra, saloon is better. Strongly dislike the rear, so horrible - what are those irregular red shapes - no god, they just can't be the rear lights. Interior layout is fine though.
i doubt the new focus will be a hit apparently its what every ford nut has ever wanted bollocks my old man is a ford nut and he was dissapointed and almost disheartened at what ford come up with in his words theyve nicked ideas from every one else they stole the body fro a kia added those horendous lights then took the triangular vent idea from the honda stuck tractor wheels on it and tarted it up personally it should have been renamed after the escort the focus was innovative new fresh a design triumph and looked like nothing else on the road the new one looks like everything on the road its not innovative its just stolen ideas put together it could have been so much more the motoring press are raving about it gone is the dull old focus would that be the one theyve been raving about for years if i had the cash i wouldnt buy it ide rather have the honda civic where half the ideas for the front end were nicked from anyway the vents the lines of the bonnet meeting the bumper flip sideways the kia and astra and those lights look like the gave a 5 yr old a crayon and paper and said draw daddy some lights.

come on ford wheres the innpvation gone
Must admit I've gone off the gapping holes in the front bumper. I prefer the more not in your face bumper on the facelift version.

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