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Full Version: PS3 or Xbox?
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got to be xbox 360 got a ltd edition red one, just cant wait for the new xbox 720
Xbox for me. To keep up tech-wise you would have to alternate between xbox & ps. My main choice apart from thinking MS was the lesser evil than sony was that the controllers are so good on the xbox and ghastly on the ps. I can play for hours on the xbox with the controller in the hand but couldnt with the ps & as a marketing point that should be a big consideration.
xbox, all my friends have one so I play online with them. I can also borrow games which saves me money :P.

Blu-ray isn't missed as I watch online with pc connected to my 37" tv.

If I wanted to watch blu-ray films I'd probably buy a PS3 rather than a blu-ray player worth extra money as you can get internet on it etc.
Xbox all day long, I have [u]both[/u] Xbox and PS3, Xbox has better online gaming than playstation and more secure, the controller on Xbox is more comfortable and better layout, even down to the menus its sooo much clearer than PS3, i still have a brand new game unopened on the PS3, i play Xbox (Forza 4 & BF3), as for red rings of death, never had them? Just make sure the unit has
My PS3 sits there doing nothing , the only time i may use it is when DUST comes out from CCP as i play EVE Online too.
Its your choice and everyone will say this or that and have a preference, if you have friends who have one or the other try before you buy, Best of luck
Okay so my opinion on this is my mate has had 4 ( no lie ) PS3's manly due to yellow light of death and once because his mom turned it off at the wall and it broke haha, and all my other mates who own one have had this problem atleast once.

I have had a 360 premium for over 4 years with no RROD, traded in for new 360 S which can't get an overheat error unless you play in an oven. 30 XBL a year goes off my card, don't even notice it.
And who says the 360 doesnt have wireless rechargeable controlers?? I mean Sony didnt even put vibration motors in the ps3 controler!!

Soo many XBOX exclusive market leading games, The entire Halo franchise (soon to be 7 games) Gears of War 1, 2 and 3. Forza 1, 2, 3, 4 ( topgears choice of game ) and soon forza 5
Just look here
At the differences

What games does PS3 have?? Resistance?? That's just a really dull rip off of Halo/COD

Plus samsung home cinema with blue ray is much better than a PS3. So what if it has internet? All new smart tvs have Internet so does a PC!! Let's just face it computers have best graphics, blue ray, internet, fps, better cooling and you can use Xbox controlers on them :)

But for pure game quality, game selection and best online community Xbox wins every time hands down
PC gaming is best as the control method is more natural.
I did have a Alienware gaming PC with Sli twin 1gb nvidia graphics cards, 128gb solid state primary drive, 2tb standard secondary drive, I7 processor, 16gb ram and water cooling.
Sold it 3 months ago to my oppo for 2000 as I wasn't getting time to use it.
Still trying to decide what to get as a replacement.
I personally find consoles too much of a one trick pony.
Have a PS3 but its mostly used for bluray, Internet tv and media streaming from my normal PC.
I defo Agree that PC's have a much better gaming experiecnce and ca do everything and more than all the games consoles combined.
Alienware!!!!! spells waste of money!!!!! Would never buy alienware, not worth it at all. Only thing you pay for is a fancy case. Not as much as a rip off as PC world though!!!

That's a very high spec one but even a lower spec PC from overclockers will out perform alienware. Each pc is hand built and then overclocked to run much higher performance :)

All to our own though :)
Also just as a pointer, sli will never be as good as a single graphics card. Such as 2 gtx560's won't be as good as one gtx590. The new gtx600 range is even more impressive too
The other reason I pushed the gamer over to someone else was because the Sli was not as good as I'd hoped.
Had my eye on an MSI gaming laptop, a buddy has one and it appears excellent for such a tidy package.
He's a hardcore gamer and swears by it.
He also builds his own gaming towers so I may let him custom one up for me.
I have the MW3 edition Xbox and a PS3 but on hand I do prefer the PS3 although, you can't beat pc gaming :D
[quote name='JennyUK' timestamp='1346179529' post='203835']
I have the MW3 edition Xbox and a PS3 but on hand I do prefer the PS3 although, you can't beat pc gaming :D

Indeed. Far better using a keyboard and mouse to play.
Make that 'far easier'...
Better than fiddling around with a poxy controller.
I use the Xbox for gaming, and the PS3 for bluray and streaming media.
if your not playing COD online get a ps3, if you are get an xbox. since ps3 got hacked its never been the same constant lag coz theyve had to put a silly amount of firewalls up!
Always been a Playstation man, but ended up selling mine about a year ago now cause I never played on it, then decided that i really did want to play on it so asked my gf for one last christmas, she ended up buying me an xbox....but it still does the job I just dont know anyone on xbox to play fifa online with hha
I'm one of these rare people that doesn't own any form of game console and I don't play anything on pc either. Last thing I played was a ps2 :o many many years ago

Really contemplating a ps3. Where would be the best place to purchase one?
Ps3 all the way!! Only thing is Forza ain't out on PS3 :( and there are NO games with the old fiestas in them :(
PS3 100 000 000%
@DanGersFord what's your PSN tag?
@PubeHeed Danny_RFC_
Right gents my sneaky Missus surprised me with a 500gb ps3 for xmas

Now I need to catch up on all the games I ain't played over the years from not having a ps3. Think gta4 might be first on the list.

Can anyone recommend me any decent games?
Battlefield 3
Having not owned or played a ps3 before, and the last thing I did play was a ps2 many years ago, I must say so far I am just finding my ps3 experience very annoying to the extent it's putting me off using it.

Every single thing needs numerous software updates before I can use it.

For example, 4 on demand, only wanted to have a mooch but had to update first, started watching a program, watched 3 adverts, first part of the program, 3 more adverts then the bloody thing froze on the last advert. Couldn't press any buttons not even the round ps button, had to turn the thing off by holding in the power button on the console.

When I turned it back on it said I didn't turn it off properly and had to do a system recovery.

Then every time I put a new cd in to play a game, it has to install even more software before I can play it. never had that on ps2

Also, is there a way off turning off the epilepsy warning that comes on every time i turn it on?
I'm a PS3 user thinking of getting a EggBox. I only play GT5 really.

As for constant updates, you'd better get used to it! Software is getting ever more complex and none more so than in gaming. The console sofware needs to be patched relatively often too, although I'm lead to believe there are more frequent updates on the Xbox360 (so the guys at work tell me). The next gen consoles (probably out next year) are going to be even more complex, so that's more patching, and very much larger patches! If you're a frequent gamer, you'd better make sure you have at least a 10Mb/sec connection to the Internet.
Playstation 3 for sure; much more usable. Bluray player is great, and always had Sony's. GT5 is one of my main games and you don't get that on XBOX :P
I'm currently on XBOX as the PS3 was overpriced in my opinion although the NEW PS3 does look rather swish!

Both have they positive and negative but what i really find annoying is the constant PS3 updates and crashes of their system they use. Far, far, far more than the Xbox.

Personally there's not much extra they can offer as a console really.
I bought an XBox for £40 and find it pretty good - I got an HD cable and plugged it into the internet which upgraded the software and now it's a pretty good media player. Forza is also a good thing!




PC all the way.


PC all the way.

Definitely, pc gaming is far more intuitive and I prefer
the control interface of mouse and keyboard especially for fps.
I have a ps3 but its more for movie/music streaming and blu-ray playing than anything else.
Seeing as all games start their life on a pc why in any further from that.
Using my MSI gaming laptop gives me an experience that matches and in some cases exceeds console abilities.

I will add that I prefer PC too, but the topic was PS3 or XBox, so I only opined on those!


I will add that I prefer PC too, but the topic was PS3 or XBox, so I only opined on those!


I was being controversial!


I rode the console wave from Master system through to PS1/N64 and then have used a PC since. Anyone who claims a pad is superior to a keyboard and mouse is a neanderthal!


This is my beauty.


Not telling you how much, don't want to make people faint ;)

Have both xbox and PS3 and have owned both twice. Persoanlly prefer PS3 and PS Plus is a must for any PS3/PS Vita owner



had an xbox360 for years. I find the PS3 far more reliable, and the PS3 GUI is more user friendly than the 360. 


Feel free to add me on PSN : MrxBlaikiex

Having got a 360, I would actually day the PS3 due to free online play and built in blue ray player.

I've got both, both have their uses, I use the ps3 as a media centre and the xbox for the silly games (mainly for the wife  :) )


I have both but only use them for the exclusives now.


I used to favour the 360, but now I buy everything on PC where I can. Got it hooked up to my TV and home cinema system and play using a spare 360 controller for most games :D


Feel free to add me:


PSN: alexp999

Xbox/PC Live: AL3X P

Steam: AL3X_P


i used to have a playstation and it was good, the only thing i didnt like was the lack of co-op games unlike the xbox 360 majority of the games are co-op.


gamertag G13SUT


love playing black ops 2/fifa 13/ grid 2


I prefer PS3, but I quite like the odd bit on my PC. Trouble is I need to build a gaming PC, my laptop is good but it's still only a laptop, which unfortunately isn't upgradable -.-



Good choice!

PS3 > Xbox

For me it would be:

PC > PS4 > 360 > PS3 > XB1

I know I added some in there, lol.

I do like PC, trouble is a console is call it £500 and then good for 5 years til it may need replacing, or even the full cycle if lucky (I still have my PS3 from release with a few 'modifications'), a computer is a generation out of date each year or so.


My laptop cost £1,350, and my Mini-ITX desktop cost about 2 times that, so it's not cheap for something outdated yearly :P


Still need to upgrade my big tower -.-


ps3 myself. ;)


Camping on COD on the PS3 is the most pleasing thing ever,i love upsetting people :ph34r:

PS3 all the way

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