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Full Version: StreetKA headlight removal
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The girlfriends N/S headlight is full of condensation. I was hoping to remove it and attack it with a hairdryer at the weekend. Problem is, I have no idea how to remove the headlight!

Does the bumper have to come off?! Dear God I hope not!

Any help will be appreciated!

I don't know about the StreetKA but I've need to replace a headlight (dipped) on my SportKA. At first I thought it was going to be impossible without major dismantling due to the tightness of the gap under the bonnet (my previous normal KAs were tricky to do, but with a lot of careful hand wiggling I could just about do it from under the bonnet). However it appears on the SportKA there is a small access panel under the wheel arch (perhaps the StreetKA has one?). I probably still have to take the wheel off to get in there (hopefully jacking the car up will make the wheel drop enough). I'll report back on this.

On a previous KA I had condensation in the headlight - this was due to the clip-on cover at the rear of the headlight not being in the right place. If you can get to the back of the headlight then this can be removed, you can use the hairdryer, and then refit.

BTW, does anyone know if the SportKA take the same headlight bulbs as normal KAs ?
[quote name='Boolbar' post='60888' date='Jan 20 2010, 02:34 PM']BTW, does anyone know if the SportKA take the same headlight bulbs as normal KAs ?[/quote]

Now I've got the little bleeder out, it is the same. A H7. Phew!

Jacking the car up was enough (although I would recommend getting something more secure under the car before risking your arms). That access panel has one screw at the top and two clips at its base. You can then remove the spring from the headlight's rear panel (via under the bonnet) and just about squeeze into the gap under the wheel arch to get to the bulbs.
Aah, superb, so you can get to the back of the headlight through the wheel arch, the StreetKA has the same bumpers as your SportKA! I'll be doing this pretty soon then! Thanks for the reply.

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