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Full Version: Scraping noise
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As title, the girlfriends Ka has a scraping noise from the steering wheel from lock to lock. Any ideas?

Thnks in advance, David.
Anyone at all? Please, it's more than a little worrying...

Is there any particular reason I'm being ignored in this room? Have I missed something?
I had the same on my ka a few months back,it only lasted for a day then it just stopped.It was as if there was a bit of grit or something stuck inside scraping away everytime i turned the wheel,havent had the problem since though!.
Hi there if this problem starts to make the steering behave strangley when turning corners it could be the Universal Joint needs replacing in the steering rack. Costs around £225 to do. My wifes old ka did the same its quite common on them after a few years apparantley.Hope this helps sorry for the late reply.
Thanks for the replies. I removed the cowling round the column where the hazard switch is and greased the Air Bag slip ring. Problem solved! I hope it doesn't end up being the joint then hendrix!

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