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Full Version: problem with me 2007 ford ive only had 4 wks
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wonder if anyone can advise...

I bought a 2007 ford focus less than 4 weeks ago of a small, used car dealer. I was told that it still had 8mths or so left under the ford manufacturers warrenty. Bearing in mind those 4 weeks have included xmas etc when i was away 10 days, i have barely driven the car itself. IVe since discovered water leaking into the boot, and also a terrible rattle noise frmo behind the steering column.

Just left it into ford this morning, and the dealer has told me that neither the water or rattle are covered under the warrenty!

If i go back to the dealer i got it from theyll insist it is a ford problem, which i would entirely agree with, but ford are saying they dont cover this sort of thing past 12mths!

To be honest im reluctantly even thinking of selling it, unless theres anyone can offer some help?
unfortunatley ford only cover the engine and drivetrain past 12 months, i had a problem with rusting alloys at 18 months and they did not want to know. you could try ford customer services on 0845 841 1111.
thanks, ive already been on to them

I just find it ridiculous that they do not have any faith in their own product that its only covered for the 12 mths.

I did mention to them ok its not covered for water leaks, but when i go back in a year with a hole in the bodywork due to rust, surely the bodywork is covered under the 10 yr protection and thats gona cost more to fix!

My ford is currently in the workshop for an hour to see if they can find a solution and ford will contact them tomorrow, hopefully to at least help contribute towards the cost.

Meanwhile, ive been leant a bright yellowy green ka, to drive 90miles home!

if anything the experience will probably make me appreciate my nice comfy focus, even if there is a rattle and leaky boot!
ok, it didnt go well.....

ford in the process of finding the cause of the rattle, found that the car had been in an accident, and due to it not being fixed by a ford bodyshop, they said the warrenty is void now!

So looking like im going to have to try and fix the probs myself... (see my other posts in ford focus sextion )


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