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Full Version: electric windows switch
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My partners daughter has just bought a V reg 1.6 escort. On the test drive the electric front windows worked fine. Once home though they wound down but wouldnt wind back up. After a bit of prodding around the centre console switches they eventually worked again.

As I dont yet have a manual does anyone know if these switches can be levered up and out or does the centre console have to be removed first.

I have heard of other escorts with this problem, is this likely to be a loose wire or a faulty switch?

Thanks John
Mine do this, the wires to the switch get hot and the connection gets a little dodgy.

Pull the console up, a good pull and its out, then wiggle the wires to the switch and your done.

Hope this helps.
I had this problem before too...

Yes, it was the wires getting hot.... what i did was remove the wires... and put in new wires with better insulation on... takes a day to do, a lot of cussing and fiddling.... but it works a treat. Even if you only do it up to the part it goes behind the dash board... it will work... (you will need to soulder the wires)

Another issue i found is when the window goes down but not up.... take a look at the motor in the door... i had to swap mine with a Mondeo one as the cable kept freying and snagging and the motor packed up... the early sign of this was the switches not working (strange i know)... it wasn't until i spoke to a TC Harrison's guy about it and he told me about the electric window motor's disintegrating after the wiring seemed to "Play up"...

So, i changed the lot... rewired and re attached a new set of motors... now, no problems.


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