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Full Version: Ford escort engine problems, keeps cutting out
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hi all,

just purchased a ford escort van 1.8 55 non turbo(1999 vreg 96k with full service history (ex BT van) from ebay, only to find its packing up on me!! fckin heap of shit!!!!

it takes a couple of starts to fire up in the morning and ticks over rough until warmed up ( to be expected i guess) probably due for some glow plugs

but the main problem is, whilst running, it seems to die out with no throttle response. I was driving down the dual carriage way at about 60 and lost power with no throttle response and eventually stalled whilst still moving. i turned the key again whilst still moving then it was running fine and picked up speed again, it keeps do it and its driving me insane, every time i drive the thing i have to keep turning the key to stop the problem
any ideas on what it could be?? ( fuel pump, filter, injectors???) the garage said they cant put it on a diagnostic test because they dont have the leads

Hello there

yes I have the same problem today doing 60 mph on the M1 engine starts pulling then just cuts out.I think its some sort of fuel starvation or some air getting into the system.I also have the same starting problem in the mornings and I just had a new battery new set of plugs and a new filter and housing,still takes a while to start I also just noticed something next to the filter which isnt conected turns out this is a fuel heater so that might be the cold start problem.I am not sure about the cutting out on the motorway though I have only had it from Oct and its been a bit of a pain in the neck ,I used to have mercedes vans but needed something smaller but to be honest I dont feel comfortable driving it now.I have a mobile mechanic coming on thursday I will tel you what he said and if it works.

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