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Full Version: Clutch wineing ... Stops when clutch is pressed
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Hi all its me again moaning about my escort van ,, I have a couple of nagging problems first is There is allways a wineing noise and it only goes away when either I coast or press the clutch in . I have been to a garage today and they say its fine . But after a few searches on the dreaded google I have been pointed in the direction of clutch release bearing. Wondered if anyone could shed some light.. Also I have a knocking noise on the front end when i go over bumps Also had this checked on the ramp today.. Checked for track rod ends - Wishbones - What he did say was my steering rack has some play in it . Iam a bit baffled as a new ones only been on for 3 months. Ps The van is a 2000 W reg 1.8 d with 83000 on the clock Hope this helps . And can anyone tell me how long i could drive around with the clutch like that My ears permitting . THANKS
You cant do anything with the release bearing apart from change it ( gearbox out! ), comes as part of a Clutch kit.
Have you had the Anti/roll bar bushes checked? a common failing!.
The Badger
As Kevmond says,

defo release bearing, gearbox out job, easily done but I would advise getting a clutch alignment tool or your new clutch will be trashed within a few miles!!

As for how long it will last like longs a piece of string!! Best to get it sorted now before it goes when your out driving, unless you are with a breakdown recovery group, in which case its up to you!

Noise from front could be wheel bearings, how ever, the noise usually associated with wheel bearings is a whine, but I have changed bearings on cars that make a knocking noise, usually when steering, its easy to check though and eliminates it as a problem:

Jack front of car up and wobble wheel from left to right, any excess play points to wheel bearing.



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