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Full Version: Courtesy Car shock
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Hey, everyone keeps calling me a snob because I had to take my Ka in again today (hopefully to finally sort the leak) and was given an old style (58 reg) fiesta as a courtesy car, and have done nothing but complain about it! It's just such an ugly car isn't it?! I was excited when she said i was having a fiesta, was thinking it would be one of the sexy new ones, :D big disappointment when I saw it was one of the old'boxy' ones! :( :(

Oh well, anyway, fingers crossed they may actually sort the leak thing this time... ;)
At least you got a car some people on here have got to fight with fords to get one don't mind the mk6 fiestas with the bubble lights at least your still mobile. :D
[quote name='fiesta_lad' date='01 February 2010 - 08:54 PM' timestamp='1265057078' post='62899']
At least you got a car some people on here have got to fight with fords to get one don't mind the [b]mk6 fiestas with the bubble[/b] lights at least your still mobile. :D

lol! at least it aint a Mk6.5 with those [b]nipple lights[/b].

[b]What the hell were Ford thinking when they designed nipple lights[/b] ffs ?!?!?!?! :blink: :ph34r: :blink: :ph34r: :blink: :ph34r:
Purdy fpv
I like those fiestas. I think that they look like a baby of the original shape Focus.

I went to the launch of that model at my local dealers. There I found out that Fords thinking behind those lights was to give the Fiesta a face. In doing so the hope was to make the car more recognisable. also market research has shown that people are more likely to bond with a car If they can see a face in a car. As it gives the car more personality.
Must admit, this fiesta is a Tad quicker off the mark then my Ka, but its just damn ugly! Oh and I was only given a courtesy car this time because the thing they claimed they'd fixed previously obviously wasn't cos the prob came back! I really shouldv gone back in and complained at the condition of this car, obviously not been cleaned and have even found in the boot something that looks like a.wooden fence post! Obviously not even checked before they gave it 2 me! Just can't wait 2 get my baby back!

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